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We are forever grateful, delighted and humbled by the love and support that our alumni and community show for us.  They say it takes a village to raise a child - we're proof of how much a dedicated school community uplifts all its children!


This year has seen big steps in bringing our vision of an agriculture and environment-based program to life.  Our greenhouses are in place and the students are busy learning to grow!  A variety of delicious plant experiments has our mouths watering for fresh garden produce!


We are growing structurally, as well.  Our first year with our own bus has us dreaming of providing for all our student transportation needs. Input from artistic community members has us visualizing our next glorious murals to spiffy up our outside spaces.  Even more spiffy is our plan for upgrading the playground. 


There are many ways to help our school be successful in caring for and growing our students.  Whether you have fond memories of attending Gardner School, have students attending Gardner Valley School, or just appreciate the direction we're heading, we welcome your support! 


Donations may be made in person or online using the yellow button below.

Please feel free to call the school with any questions, and thank you!

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