Enrollment Policy

Enrollment at Gardner Valley School is open to any child who resides within the district or surrounding districts if space is available.

Enrollment Preferences, Selection Method, and Enrollment Timeline and Procedures.


Enrollment Preferences. 


Enrollment preferences may be given to the following types of students: 

  1. i. Students who are enrolled in a public school, or who are eligible to attend and are living in the attendance area, at the time it is converted to a public charter school as part of a turnaround process. 

  2. ii. Siblings of students already enrolled in the School shall be automatically enrolled according to space availability; 

  3. iii. Children of founding families, board member’s and teacher’s, not to exceed 20% of total enrollment; 

  4. iv. All other children living within District boundaries. 

  5. v. Other Colorado students. 


Selection method. 


When the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces available, students shall be selected by a random lottery, taking into consideration the enrollment preferences described in the School‘s application and included herein. If additional spaces become available after the initial selection, students shall be offered admission based on their order on the waiting list. Any spaces available after all students on the waiting list have been offered admission shall be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Waiting lists are not maintained from year to year: students on the waiting list who are not offered admission and wish to be considered for admission the following year must submit a new application. 

Enrollment Timeline and Procedures. 


The School may establish its own enrollment timeline and procedures subject to the following conditions: 

  1. i. Prior to submitting an application for admission parents and students may be encouraged, but not required, to attend an informational meeting about the School. 

  2. ii. The School shall make clear at meetings and in written information provided along with the application that any student residing in Colorado may apply, although admission is based on the preferences listed above. 

  3. iii. The School shall begin publicizing the availability of student positions at the School at least two months prior to the date of the lottery. 

  4. iv. The lottery shall be held no earlier than 01/01 and no later than 07/01 of the year for which enrollment is being selected. 

  5. v. Based on space availability, the School shall continue to accept students from its waiting list or, if the waiting list is exhausted, from parents submitting applications after the deadline for the lottery up until October 1. The School may accept students after October 1 at its discretion following the District’s administrative transfer process.