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Our Mission & Core Values

Gardner Valley School provides an educational program focused on agriculture and environment in a small caring dedicated school community as unique as the rural surroundings in which we live.


We foster the skills of our student-centered vision, in our students and ourselves.

We honor the traditions and practices of our surrounding community.

We provide a school choice for diverse learners and those who are educationally disadvantaged.


We contribute to the strength of our students, staff, families and community.


We are dedicated to overcoming learning barriers caused by poverty and rural isolation.


We are built upon an ECO foundation:

  • Economy: connecting teaching and learning to the world that students actually inhabit; addressing health and wellness, lack of access to services, feelings of isolation that suppress performance, as well as considering the students' future needs as adults.

  • Community: as the bedrock of the Gardner Valley School, creating a vibrant school family where students know they belong, rooted in the wider community.

  • Originality: supporting flexibility and creativity in teaching and learning by choosing innovative approaches that put students at the center of their own learning.  Learning becomes living and exploring together. 

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