Policies and Board Documents

Below are the policies, regulations and charter documents that define the governance responsibilities and activities of Gardner Valley School.

GVS Charter Employee Policy                                                          adopted 2/10/2021

GVS Conflict of Interest Policy                                                        adopted 3/10/2021

GVS Communications Policy                                                           adopted 4/21/2021

Governance Policy - Continuous Board Development                   adopted 4/21/2021

Governance Policy - Governance Process                                        adopted 4/21/2021

GVS Grievance Policy                                                                       adopted 4/21/2021

GVS Board Member & Employee Code of Conduct                      adopted 5/19/2021

GVS Evaluation Policy                                                                      adopted 5/19/2021

GVS Policy for Contracts and Procurement                                   adopted 5/19/2021


GVS Charter Student Policy                                                            adopted 6/16/2021

Resolution of GVS Board of Directors regarding Covid-19           adopted 6/16/2021