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What is the purpose of the S.A.C.? 

  • To increase school accountability and family involvement. 

  • To serve as the voice and representation of the families and community of Gardner Valley School.

I am not a S.A.C. member, can I still come to the meetings? 

Yes! The meetings are open to the public and are an opportunity for the community to have a voice in their school. We welcome and encourage public attendance.

What is the S.A.C. responsible for? 

  • We represent the full spectrum of the school communities’ points of view.

  • We bring together families, staff, and community members to provide input and make recommendations to the Head of School regarding school activities, accountability, and advocacy.

When does S.A.C. meet? 

S.A.C. meets quarterly during the school year.

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How do I contact S.A.C. to have my voice heard? I have a question, comment, or recommendation for Gardner Valley School.

Please email and we will respond accordingly.

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