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Student-centered Learning Benefits Every Child

It is with excitement and dedication that Gardner Valley School opens as a charter school this fall, enhancing the Gardner tradition of educating the whole child with a strong commitment to student-centered learning.  Isn’t all learning centered on students?  While it is true that learning is the basis for school, a student-centered learning commitment has notable benefits.

Student-centered learning benefits the child.  Each child is a special person with unique interests and capabilities.  Learning that centers on the student connects what needs to be learned to what the child cares about.  These challenging, exciting, and worthwhile learning experiences help to unlock the child’s full potential to grow and thrive.

Student-centered learning benefits the local community.  As the unique interests and capabilities of the children are more and more connected to their community, the students realize that they are a vital part of the world around them.  They begin to see how the problems and opportunities that exist in the community matter to them today; they don’t have to wait until “someday” to be able to make a difference.

Student-centered learning benefits the world.  Which child will grow up to be a scientist who discovers the missing link to the cure for breast cancer?  Which child has a heart bigger than Texas, loving and caring for all creatures great and small?  Which child captures that exact moment when the sun rises over the horizon in colors we have never seen?  Nurturing and growing every child benefits the child, benefits us and benefits the whole wide world.

Gardner Valley School is a tuition-free charter school in Huerfano School District Re-1.  For additional information about the school, including enrollment, send an email request to:

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